Bond Laser: The Hardcore Endorsement of Megawatt Power! Tube Cutting Machine M500 Shines with Golden Brilliance!


The 16th International Manufacturing Expo in Shanghai

The successful conclusion of the three-day “16th International Manufacturing Expo” saw Bond Laser make a grand debut with its megawatt product lineup, igniting the entire venue and elevating the brand’s momentum to new heights. As the sole representative from the industry, Bond Laser attended the government-organized manufacturing development forum during the exhibition, speaking on behalf of the sector.

Simultaneously, at the Shanghai Munich Optics Fair, during the inaugural “Chinese Laser Golden Brilliance Awards,” Bond Laser’s tube cutting machine M500 won the “New Application” category, demonstrating its leadership in connecting pipe cutting technology with end-user applications at the forefront of the industry.

Chinese laser companies are breaking through mental barriers and fearlessly scaling the heights of technology.

The three-day “16th International Manufacturing Expo” came to a successful conclusion, with Bond Laser’s powerful megawatt product lineup stealing the spotlight and becoming the center of attention for all customers and businesses at the exhibition. The high popularity among attendees is the ultimate recognition of the Bond Laser brand.

During the exhibition, Bond Laser launched a megawatt product matrix in response to market demand. It underwent comprehensive upgrades in terms of functionality, performance, configuration, technology, quality, safety, and environmental protection, leaving on-site customers amazed!

With its groundbreaking megawatt product lineup, unique cutting-edge technology, and new applications that meet market demands, coupled with a technologically advanced, cool, and stylish booth design, Bond Laser attracted countless customers and received high praise from the government and extensive media coverage.

During the exhibition, Bond Laser’s megawatt capabilities drew widespread attention, and its numerous highlights captured the interest of many media outlets. People’s Daily, Phoenix Net, Sina, Tencent, Financial News, Sohu, Netease News, and Today’s Headlines, among other mainstream media, provided comprehensive live coverage and reports on Bond Laser.

Prominent Chinese laser industry portals such as Laser Manufacturing Network, OFweek, MM Modern Metal Processing magazine under Modern Manufacturing, and Optics & Optoelectronics Online showcased Bond Laser’s megawatt presence, industrial upgrades, and development opportunities.

Concurrently, the 16th International Manufacturing Expo hosted high-end manufacturing development forums and academic exchanges, where discussions on the opportunities and challenges of intelligent manufacturing in the digital era took place. Bond Laser was the only invited corporate representative. At the event, Mr. Wang Lu, the Executive General Manager of Bond Laser, delivered an important speech on the development of the laser industry, garnering high attention from leaders and experts in attendance.

Bodor CEO Mr. Wang pointed out that with the rapid development of global technological revolutions, industrial upgrades, and intelligent manufacturing, various sectors increasingly require higher precision and efficiency in processing. In the new economic environment and under the influence of China’s “dual circulation” policy, industries are adjusting their business strategies to focus on internal efficiency, simultaneously reducing costs while improving production efficiency and product quality, becoming the key to market competitiveness.

Enterprises are the main drivers of technological innovation and represent the maturity of industries. After decades of development, China’s laser industry has become one of the fastest-growing in the world. It has transformed from being a follower to running alongside and even leading in some fields, becoming a global leader in laser technology applications in certain areas.

Chinese laser companies are breaking through mental barriers, scaling technological heights, and enhancing the global competitiveness of the Chinese laser market. Taking Bond Laser as an example, the company focuses on technological innovation, has established an authoritative research and development center with over 200 highly skilled R&D personnel, and is led by Mr. Yang Xuguang, a national-level leader in the laser industry and a drafting member of national standards for CNC cutting machines. Bond Laser has also established an innovation center to expand the application of laser technology and cultivate professional talents. Additionally, it continuously increases its investment in research and development, with R&D spending exceeding 65 million last year.

It is precisely due to their focus on technological innovation that Bond Laser has become a benchmark and leader in the promotion and market application of laser technology. Particularly in the promotion of high-power megawatt products, it has made the seemingly unattainable megawatt laser technology accessible to ordinary people, facilitating process upgrades, industrial transformations, and the transition to new driving forces in the metal processing industry.