Double 11 Bonanza: Bond Laser’s Two Secrets of Megawatt Prowess!

As the leading pioneer in China’s megawatt laser cutting equipment, Bond Laser has forged a new path for the application and market promotion of “megawatt-level” devices.

By August, Bond Laser had shipped 200 units of megawatt equipment, with 20 units of 20,000W devices, leading the megawatt market with impressive achievements.

In the fierce market competition, sales volume is the sole criterion for measuring the quality of Bond Laser and customer recognition. More and more customers have ordered and recommended Bond Laser products due to their “megawatt-quality.” It is through these loyal “megawatt” fans that Bond Laser has firmly established itself in the industry.

Bond Laser regularly conducts the “Service Miles” campaign, providing ongoing on-site services to delivered customers to understand equipment usage and uncover potential customer needs, thus improving the company’s iterative products and dedicated services.

Recently, the Bond Laser Service Miles team visited Shanghai Haodong Full-Metal Products Co., Ltd.

The company serves customers in various industries, including the elevator, cabinet, shipbuilding, and aerospace sectors, dealing with diverse types of sheet metal processing.

The company’s CEO, Mr. Dong, told the service personnel that they purchased the Bond Laser P602512000W cutting equipment earlier this year.

“After operating the equipment for over half a year, all indicators have been excellent. It runs smoothly, provides precise and smooth cutting results, and delivers high cutting speed and stability, significantly improving production efficiency and attracting more orders for our company.”

Mr. Dong highly praised Bond Laser’s processing capabilities and service efficiency. During the after-sales usage, he also recognized the professionalism and responsiveness of Bond Laser’s service staff.

The increasing recognition and widespread application of Bond Laser’s megawatt products in various industry markets underscore market and user acknowledgment of the cutting performance and operational quality of Bond Laser products.

Good products speak for themselves with facts, and users have the most say.

Ensuring customer satisfaction and confidence is what allows Bond Laser’s megawatt solutions to proliferate globally.

Leading the Market with Research and Development

Bond Laser has a research and development team of over 200 top-notch professionals, led by Mr. Yang Xuguang, a national-level leader in the laser industry and the main drafter of national standards. Additionally, Bond Laser has established a joint innovation center with Academician Jiang Huilin and his research team.

In 2019, Bond Laser globally unveiled 25,000W and 30,000W laser cutting machine products, followed by the global debut of a 40,000W product in September 2020. These achievements are the result of Bond Laser’s consistent investment in research and development.

In 2019 alone, Bond Laser’s R&D investment exceeded 65 million.

Moreover, with over a decade of laser cutting expertise, Bond Laser provides different laser cutting solutions tailored to various industries and regions, meeting diverse market demands. This has ingrained Bond Laser’s brand image in the minds of customers and garnered more acclaim.

Since its establishment, Bond Laser has taken “enabling laser technology to transform human life” as its mission, providing customers with value and experiences beyond expectations, and empowering their transformation and upgrade.

The future remains unknown, and the present is difficult to predict. With the rapid development of technological revolutions, industrial upgrades, and intelligent manufacturing on a global scale, laser cutting will undoubtedly play an important role in this wave of transformation. Bond Laser will continue to focus on laser cutting, adhere to a customer-centric approach, manufacture better products for customers, and provide superior services.

Bond Laser marches forward with determination.